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The Turnqey Swiss Property Portfolio comprises of 20 properties valued at c.£130M.

Performance History

Over the past decade, Turnqey has meticulously curated its Swiss Property Portfolio, now comprising 20 properties valued at approximately £130 million. Strategically situated in key regions across Switzerland, our Swiss portfolio stands as a testament to our proven ability to deliver substantial returns.

Our regulated Swiss Holding company Turnqey AG has successfully completed two Swiss bond issuances in the preceding couple of years, validating our business model and development excellence.

Guaranteed Sustainable and Affordable Living Bond

CHF 6.25%  |  Bond due 2024  |  ISIN: CH1149139458

Sustainable and Affordable Living International Bond

GBP 7.00%   |  Bond due 2026  |  ISIN:CH1161139865

Over the past decade, we have achieved a track record of delivering annualised equity returns ranging from 10% to 25% CHF to our diverse group of investors, even amidst challenging pandemic years. Additionally, we have successfully executed various private debt structures, consistently returning capital to our investors throughout this period.

Current Swiss Portfolio

Below, you’ll find a selection of properties from our Swiss portfolio which includes a total of 335 rental apartments. For a comprehensive overview of the performance history of our Swiss portfolio, kindly contact below